Marvel Comics Brings Back Digital Codes For Fans


marvel brings back digital codes Marvel Comics Brings Back Digital Codes For Fans

Wow! Not since my “Bring Back Wendell Vaughn as Quasar” days have I seen such good customer service and PR from Marvel Comics!

Back in January saw Marvel Comics announce that they are ditching the digital code that comes with each issue of the physical comic books in favor of issuing codes for past issues–yes, ones that everyone either already read, already purchased, or just had no interest in.

This ticked off a lot of fans because they used the digital codes to either read them on their tablets or sold the codes in order to purchase more comics (a win-win for everybody!).

Now, following a lot of complaints, Marvel Comics has decided to continue to give out those same day-and-digital codes.

Bleeding Cool reports Marvel Comics is fulfilling requests for digital codes on an individual basis, meaning you need to contact Marvel in order to get your code. By the looks of things, you need to e-mail your store receipt showing you purchased the books, and Marvel will then send you the digital code for each title.

I believe you may need to contact Marvel’s David Gabriel, SVP – Sales and Marketing, in order to get the digital codes (try:

This is a great thing to see, which is Marvel Comics responding to fans so kindly! I recall when Marvel Comics cancelled Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy that the editors (Stephen Wacker, Tom Brevoort) were hostile to us Cosmic fans, and the CBR message boards even banned a lot of us for asking Marvel Comics to bring back our favorite books! 

It’s nice to see a change and such a turn around!