Marvel Comics Announces Dazzler #1

Marvel Comics Announces Dazzler #1

Marvel Comics announces a new Dazzler one-shot for this June.

Dazzler: X Song #1 is written by Eisner nominee Magdalene Visaggio with art by Laura Braga.

The book is described as: It’s all glitter and glamour in the underground punk scene…until Dazzler stumbles upon a part of her world that’s dangerous and violent. Now, it’s up to Dazzler to protect her dedicated Inhuman fans, even if doing so means that she has to turn to her own past for clues and answers.

“Dazzler has always been one of my favorite X-Men, and one of the most sadly underutilized,” Visaggio told “She’s been wandering for so long, and I’m so excited to help bring her back to her musical roots and the X-family. Anyone who knows my work knows how much I love to frontline women who quite literally rock, and I hope me and Laura can bring some of that same energy and positivity to Dazzler.”

Dazzler hits June 6.

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