Maisie Williams Wanted For Pacific Rim 2



From Game Of Thrones to Doctor Who to possibly landing a role as a Jaeger pilot in Pacific Rim 2.

That’s the latest for 18-year-old English actress Maisie Williams, who is known for playing Arya Stark in Game Of Thrones and has a role in this season’s Doctor Who series 9.

Guillermo del Toro revealed on Twitter that he had lunch with Williams and mentioned he would like her as a Jaeger pilot.

“Had lunch with Maisie Williams yesterday,” Del Toro tweeted. “Remarkable. Dammit- if PR2 happens, that girl is getting a Jaeger.”

As Guillermo del Toro noted, “if” Pacific Rim 2 happens as Universal Studios recently shelved the release date, and the film has been delayed.

Del Toro did recently reveal Pacific Rim 2 is not cancelled and is still in development as the script and buget is still being worked on.