Machinima YouTube Gets Axed


The popular brand and YouTube channel Machinima, which had over 12 million subscribers, has gotten the axe by its parent company, Otter Media. All the videos have been made private and are no longer able to be viewed.

Fans, and creators who worked on Machinima videos, were not notified and simply woke up the other day to find Machinima and the other Otter Media brands had gone dark, which also includes channels for Happy Hour, Respawn, Realm, Prime, Inside Gaming, and more.

Machinima was started in 2000 and later acquired by Warner Bros. and featured videos such as Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles and a Mortal Kombat X digital series. When ATT&T acquired Warner Bros. last year, the brand became a part of their Fullscreen network, operated by Otter Media.


In a statement to Kotaku, Otter media offered they are doing a relaunch soon: “We are focused on creating new content with the Machinima team, which will be distributed on new channels to be announced in the coming months.”

The brand hasn’t come without controversy as back in 2015 saw the FCC accuse them of providing undisclosed paid-for-reviews (essentially false reviews), as two of their creators received a total of $45,000. Machinima ended up settling the manner with no fine paid.

Last November also saw the popular YouTube brand, Defy Media, close its doors, which ran channels for Smosh and Clevver, and its popular Screen Junkies channel was sold off to Fandom.

Shortly after it was realized Machinima had been deleted, fans and creators took to Twitter with #RIPMachinima: