Logan Wolverine 3 Reveals a Reaver; Trailer Coming Soon


logan wolverine 3 reaver

The latest teaser image for Logan, the third Wolverine movie, is of a Reaver.

The wponx Instagram account posted the following image.

The Reavers look to tie into the reveal of Byod Holbrook as Pierce.

The Logan trailer also looks to be coming soon as the Logan trailer is now listed by the MPAA as being 1 minute and 46 minutes in length.

Details for Wolverine in Logan include that he is older; his abilities aren’t what they once were; Wolverine has a diminished healing factor; Wolverine is in constant pain, and Wolverine also drinks a lot. 

“Logan” has a March 3, 2017 release directed by James Mangold starring Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Stephen Merchant, Doris Morgado and Eriq La Salle.  

logan wolverine 3 poster