Kevin Smith Wants Zack Snyder Justice League Cut Released

Kevin Smith Wants Zack Snyder Justice League Cut Released

With the theatrical release of Justice League not performing up to expectations and with all the information about the Zack Snyder cut coming to light, fans have been petitioning Warner Bros. to release Zack’s version.

While a reported VFX artist on Justice League has released new details and stated the Zack Snyder cut won’t be released due to the costs involved–that hasn’t stopped Kevin Smith from stating WB should still release it.

Watch the video below at the 1h 55m 59s mark where Kevin Smith goes over the Zack Snyder deleted scenes from the Justice League movie where interestingly enough a member of the audience corroborates a majority of the information. 

Kevin Smith actually brings up a good point in that even if WB doesn’t want to finish Zack Snyder’s cut, they should still put it out in its unfinished form as the hard core fans would still pick it up and also that Zack’s vision deserves to be released.

Regarding the Zack Justice League deleted scenes, they tie into Man of Steel and Batman vs. Superman (making the three movies essentially a trilogy) as well as set up Darkseid in Justice League 2.

The audience member also offers she saw both versions and said she felt Zack Snyder’s Justice League movie was the better.

Check it out: