Keith Giffen Dies At 70: Legendary Creator Behind Rocket Raccoon, Annihilation

Keith Giffen Dies At 70: Legendary Creator Behind Rocket Raccoon, Annihilation

Legendary comic book creator Keith Giffen has died at the age of 70 years old, who is known for being the creator of Rocket Raccoon, Lobo, Blue Beetle, and loads more.

The news hits home for yours truly as Keith Giffen was behind the awesome Annihilation event series from Marvel Comics back in 2005-6 which led to the creation of this very website.

We spoke to Giffen back in 2013 who told us he liked the more obscure characters.

“Just trying to light a fire under some neglected characters while having a good time. That was the driving force behind both Annihilation and Threshold,” he told us.

Keith Giffen’s Facebook page announced the news following a stroke suffered on Sunday.

Giffen died on Monday and in accordance with his wishes, the following was posted to his Facebook.

“I told them I was sick… Anything not to go to New York Comic Con. Thanx. Keith Giffen 1952-2023. Bwah ha ha ha ha,” states the post.

Comic book industry reacts

Keith Giffen has also worked for DC Comics on a plethora of characters and titles including Justice League and Legion of Superheroes. President of DC, Jim Lee, commented on his passing.

“Gutted to hear the passing of the legendary comic book creator Keith Giffen. He personified creativity to me in everything he did. Whether it was writing, plotting, drawing, kibitzing or creating-Keith did it like no other in the modern age,” Lee posted to social media.

Lee continued, “He possessed an insane abundance of talent, a fearless take on every project asked of him and created some of the most absurd, over the top, and hilarious characters ever. His body of work influenced and entertained generations of creators and fans alike and even though he had seen and done it all-he was always such a charming, sweetheart of a guy in his own Keith Giffen way.”

Lee added, “His retro nostalgic vision of the future filled with windowless buildings and omnipresent floating holographic screens made me a Legion of Superheroes fan for life. It was one of my highlights of my career to collaborate with Keith on a Scooby Doo project and watch him elevate the concept in such a fun, smart way. Truly a master of every facet of the craft of making comics and a creative dynamo like no other…he will be missed.”

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