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Karen Gillan On Avengers: Endgame and Guardians of the Galaxy 3

Matt McGloin Posted: 12/17/2018 - 17:12 COMMENT

While promoting her new movie The Party's Just Beginning, Karen Gillan touches upon both The Avengers: Endgame and Guardians of the Galaxy 3.

As seen in Infinity War, Nebula survived the Snappening, however, her sister Gamora was sacrificed in order for Thanos to achieve his diabolical goal.

“What can I say? Thanos is her dad and she is definitely going to confront some serious daddy issues,” Gillan told People. “That’s for sure.”

Regarding Guardians of the Galaxy 3, while it is said to be presently on hold, Karen Gillan teases she has read the script.

“Our director won’t be with us any longer but we are excited to continue the Guardians of the Galaxy story and keep delivering to the fans,” Gillan said. “That’s the most important thing. I don’t have any details as to when [the next Guardians film will come out] but there’s a script in existence. I may have had a little teeny peek, but I can’t say anything.”

The Guardians of the Galaxy 3 script is known to have been written by James Gunn prior to having been removed from the movie and Marvel Studios by Disney over tweets that resurfaced joking about rape and pedophilia.

Disney has yet to announce a new director, but it is possible the script could be rewritten or tweaked, though it has been said Disney is still going to use Gunn's script.

James Gunn is now over at DC onboard the Suicide Squad 2 movie as writer and director.

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