Justice League Movie Easter Egg For The Flash Spotted

Justice League Movie Easter Egg For The Flash Spotted

Following the Catwoman Easter Egg, now another Easter Egg from the Justice League movie has been spotted.

The end of the Justice League movie sees Barry Allen given his crime lab acceptance papers.

Taking a closer look at the signature reveals that it’s signed by Gregory Wolfe, Police Department Recruiting Officer.

In the DC Comics, Gregory Wolfe happens to be the warden of Iron Heights Prison, a maximum security correctional facility for super villains located three miles north of Keystone City. Wolfe is ruthless and hates the prisoners there treating them with contempt and not caring if he causes them physical or psychological pain in his attempts to keep them contained. 

The Flash had a run in with Wolfe when there was a viral outbreak at the prison in which The Flash found Wolfe treating the meta-human criminals poorly, which included one inmate being used to power the facility!

Wolfe is not without powers of his own as he has the ability of Biokinesis and can make people near him have muscle spams or even relax their muscles. 

Regarding the Justice League movie, similar to Barry, we can speculate that it may be early in Wolfe’s career prior to becoming warden of the prison.

Looks for more Justice League Easter Eggs when the Blu-Ray becomes available! 

Gregory Wolfe DC Comics

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