Justice League Meets Alfred Scene Leaks Online

Justice League Meets Alfred Scene Leaks Online

Another deleted Justice League scene has leaked online this time featuring the League meeting Alfred for the first time.

It’s known that WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara mandated Justice League come in under the two hour mark, so it’s safe to assume lots of footage didn’t make its way into the final cut of the movie, which not only included all the Zack Snyder footage, but Joss Whedon’s reshoots as well.

A list of Zack Snyder deleted scenes can be found below in addition to scenes featured in various trailers, but not in the movies.

Hopefully the Justice League deleted scenes are released as part of the Blu-Ray.

A Henry Cavill Clark Kent scene in Smallville when Ma Kent pulls up in the truck: Clark is shown smiling.

A Parademon scene.

The Iris West deleted scene with Ezra Miller and Kiersey Clemons.

Ray Fisher Cyborg scene.

Another Ray Fisher scene as Victor Stone.

Cyborg flying scene.

A Cyborg computational scene of some sort.

Justice League Mother box scene.