Justice League and DC Sold To Netflix? Nope

Snyder Cultists are hopeful that the DCEU will continue on at the Netflix streaming service but that seems highly unlikely.

Justice League and DC Sold To Netflix? Nope

A Youtube video is going around that makes fans think DC and Justice League have been sold to Netflix, but, sorry, that isn’t the case.

The video put out by the Tyrone Magnus YouTube channel that has 1.94 million subscribers features the title “Warner Bros Has SOLD DC Properties To NETFLIX | REACTION!” and has a super clickbaity and “fake” thumbnail image that makes it looks as if Justice League has been sold to Netflix and that Justice League 2 is coming to Netflix.

So fans are seeing the image and title and think that DC and Justice League have really been sold to Netflix without even watching the video and that Justice League Part 2 is coming to Netflix versus Darkseid.

What’s really going on?

What’s really going on is that Warner Bros. has licensed various “DC” properties to Netflix – both associated with Neil Gaiman – with Sandman, which is super expensive to make hence why it isn’t on HBO Max, and recently saw the DC Dead Boys Detective series move to Netflix.

While both are technically “DC,” both have NOTHING to do with either Zack Snyder’s DCEU or James Gunn’s DCU (also why they are not on HBO Max), and worth a mention is that Dead Boys (probably a cheap show to make) also is from Greg Berlanti who won’t be involved much with DC going forward if at all.

Ask yourself, why didn’t the YouTube thumbnail feature Sandman and Dead Boys? Pretty obvious.

Justice League

No Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman coming to Netflix

So no Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot or Justice League Part 2 is coming to Netflix anytime soon (Cavill just exited The Witcher so his Netflix days might be numbered and where is Gadot’s Red Notice sequel?).

Again, DC and Justice League haven’t been sold to Netflix (I got into an argument last night with a DC stan about it) and recently even saw Zack Snyder’s storyboard artist and DC animated director Jay Oliva offer it’s not going to happen (see below).

So the YouTube video is just something clickbaity to rouse up the Snyder Cultists.

Oliva explains things, too: