Jonathan Nolan Would Return To Batman With Christian Bale

'If I had the chance to go back and work on that again? Absolutely,' he says.

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Cue the Hans Zimmer music score.

While promoting the release of Prime Video’s Fallout show, series creator Jonathan Nolan says he would return to the Dark Knight universe and do more Batman movies with Christian Bale.

Jonathan Nolan is the brother of director Christopher Nolan, and the pair developed The Dark Knight Trilogy starring Christian Bale as Batman, which are arguably some of the greatest comic book movies of all time.

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The SHOWSHA YouTube channel remarked they previously asked Christian Bale about returning, so they asked Jonathan Nolan if he would be up for a return.

“Wouldn’t that be a dream?” Nolan said. “It would. That period of my life, it was about 10 years of my life. I got the call to go work on Batman Begins in 2003 to putting out The Dark Knight Rises in 2012, and it was epic. The chance to work with Christian, Heath, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, the extraordinary cast in those films, and on an American icon.”

He added, “If I had the chance to go back and work on that again? Absolutely.”

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Jonathan Nolan was also asked if there has been any discussion as of late.

“We’ve moved onto other things,” he said. “And, of course, other people have picked up the mantel and moved on with those characters but I do think back to the experience of working on those movies every now and then. What a thrill. What a thrill it was.”

The YouTubers remark that James Gunn is now rebooting with the DCU and ask Nolan who would be his Batman in a new franchise.

“To me, it will always be Christian,” said Nolan.

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