Jonathan Majors Trial Not Over: Adjourns Until Monday

Jury reviewed evidence on Friday but needs more time.

Jonathan Majors Trial Not Over: Adjourns Until Monday

The Jonathan Majors trial is not over as the judge on Friday adjourned the case until Monday.

Following the defense and prosecution’s closing arguments on Thursday, the jury requested additional info from the judge.

When the jury reconvened on Friday, the judge played the 911 call for the jury and provided them with a slow-motion video of the night when the incident occurred in March between Jonathan Majors and his then-girlfriend Grace Jabbari.

The jury then went back to deliberations but did not come to a decision on Friday.

The jury, the judge, the defense, and the prosecutors returned to court and they adjourned until Monday at 10am.

Jonathan Majors is on trial for assault in the third degree with intent to cause physical injury, assault in the third degree recklessly causing physical injury, aggravated harassment in the second degree, and harassment in the second degree. The Marvel actor faces up to a year in trial if found guilty.

Friday timeline:

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