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Joe Johnston on Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) Captain America: First Avenger

Joe Johnston on Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) Captain America: First Avenger

Earlier we saw our first look at "Bucky" Barnes played by Sebastian Stan in the Captain America: First Avenger movie.

Now, the LA Times Hero Complex, gives us a crystal clear shot at both Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and James "Bucky" Barnes.

Both will be appearing this Sunday, during the Superbowl, in the first trailer for the movie.

Director Joe Johnston made comments, specifically on the character of "Bucky" stating that he won't resemble his comic book counter part as much. “Sebastian brought something really interesting and slightly on the dark side and really compelling to watch — when he’s on camera, you’re fascinated by watching him,” Johnston said.

The Hero Complex made it a point of asking the Director about "Bucky" having a bad side, as that is quite different then how comic readers remember the side-kick to Captain America. “Yeah, that’s true, but Sebastian has a dark, slightly quirky side to him — and that’s the case when he’s in character or not — and he brought that to this movie. “

Johnston even fills us in that Sebastian Stan was up for the lead role of Captain America, but Sebastian Stan seemed to have a more darker side – that he brought with him to the role – and compares the actor to James Dean.

Joe Johnston goes on to give us specific differences between what we will see in the upcoming movie even stating that in the comics, Bucky is more like Robin to Batman, but that is not going to be the case here.

“We took some liberties with the relationship between the two guys,” Johnston said. “In our story, Bucky is already in the service, he’s already joined up and is being sent overseas while Steve is still struggling to get in the army. That’s different than what you may have read in the comics. It adds a nuance to the relationship that pays off later. They’re closer in age, too — they’re virtually the same age. That’s not the case at all if you go back to the old comics.”

Johnston leaves us with,  ”Our Bucky isn’t a sidekick and there’s a darker edge. This is a much more interesting relationship.”