Jeph Loeb Gets Defensive About Marvel’s Inhumans Criticism


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Head of TV Jeph Loeb* apparently got all defensive at the recent Television Critics Assocation press tour in regards to their ABC IMAX Inhumans series, which has been receiving backlash by the fans.

It hasn’t been good for Inhumans from the start as the showrunner is the same as the showrunner on the ill-received Netflix Iron Fist series. It also didn’t help things that the first promotional image was simply terrible. From there it went from bad to worse with the release of the first Inhumans trailer (even the director doesn’t like it), and now it’s all downhill. An early review was posted online – which ABC and Marvel PR attempted to silence – which states Inhumans is simply awful and atrocious, and this caused the president of ABC to come out and state Inhumans is still a work in progess (though it’s scheduled to premiere September 1st in IMAX theaters).

Now word has hit social media about Head of Marvel TV Jeph Loeb’s reaction to questioning by journalists about how bad Inhumans is, with Loeb apparently displeased.

I found one remark by a journalist rather interesting in that Robert Bianco from USA Today stated: “The odd thing about Marvel people is they seem eternally surprised that some critics think their ABC shows are terrible. Which they are.”

I literally laughed out loud upon reading it because it’s the same sentiment that comes from the Marvel Comics people, of which Loeb is one of them. They expect just because it’s “Marvel” that fans should be eating it up. I’ve been saying for years it should be the other way around, that Marvel should be the ones pleasing the fans. I’m glad it’s now finally catching up to Loeb and Marvel (hopefully Disney’s Bob Iger catches on, too). 

One further thought, I’m guessing a lot of actors and producers (and IMAX) are quickly realizing that “Marvel” doesn’t mean involvement with the movies. Marvel TV has NOTHING to do with the Marvel Studios, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. NOTHING. Jeph Loeb likes to say it’s “all connected” to trick the fans into thinking their cruddy shows are connected to the MCU, but they are NOT. The guys that run Marvel TV and the Comics are desperate to get anywhere near as good as Marvel Studios. Feige actually had them all removed from being involved with the movies, which says a lot (lol).

Getting back to Jeph Loeb’s reactions, Geek Tyrant pulled the following from social media, which includes Black Bolt actor Anson Mount comparing himself to none other than Ben Affleck (the sad Ben Affleck viral video). Anson said: “You’re making me feel like Ben Affleck right now.” 

Another journalist remarked the Inhumans footage is “not suitable” for IMAX, which saw Loeb respond with:

“I think you’re making an editorial statement, and I’m wondering what the question is.” 

Another journalist also remarked that it didn’t look like Inhumans made good use of the IMAX technology, with Loeb responding that the footage is:

 “simply extraordinary and should be seen on that screen”.  

Here are the Twitter reactions to Loeb: 

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*We haven’t been a fan of Jeph Loeb since his involvement with Brian Bendis, Dan Buckley, Stephen Wacker, Tom Brevoort and Joe Quesada in the cancellation of the Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova line of comics that inspired the James Gunn Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Loeb replaced the more popular Richard Rider Nova with a goofy teen angst kid version, which upset a lot of fans who ended up not supporting Loeb. Following two issues of publication, Loeb was announced off the title, and now after almost 6 years, Marvel Comics has finally brought back Richard Rider. The Jeph Loeb version has consistently sold less than Richard Rider Nova, at times upwards of 50% less or more. We’ve always argued that someone should be rewarded for inspiring a multi-billion dollar franchise, not stabbed in the back and fired.