Jeff King Confirms Bruce & Thomas Wayne To Meet In Convergence (Video)


DC Comics’ big event, Convergence, kicks off in April.

In total, there will be 89 issues, with veteran writer Jeff King handling the main series.

The latest episode of DC All Access features an interview with King where the writer offers some teases about what’s to come.

Among the tidbits is mention that Bruce Wayne will meet his alternate universe father, Thomas Wayne.

Thomas Wayne is featured as the Batman in Earth 2 (and was the Batman in the Flashpoint event that led to the New 52).

Convergence is an enormous story with a very small focus,” King offered. “There are heroes from World’s End and Future’s End who make the journey from the end of that series into the beginning of Convergence. From there it explodes out into a much bigger story. Brainiac has been collecting dead worlds and timelines from across the entire history of the DCU. He’s been experimenting and tinkering with them pitting heroes from timelines against each other in order to catalog their weaknesses.”

King continues with mention of why fans should hop onboard.

“I feel like it’s going to be a celebration of what you love. I feel like it’s going to shock you because there are a couple of turns of events that you will not expect will come out of it,” King said. “When was the last time you thought that Captain Carrot might be fighting Harley Quinn? When was the last time you saw every Flash from DC Continuity, from Wally to Barry to Jay to the kids? We are going to have generations of Batmen. We are going to see Bruce Wayne and Thomas Wayne meet each other for the first time.”

Jeff King finishes with another tease in that the number of issues for Convergence plays a factor.

“There are 89 issues for a reason because 89 is a prime number. It’s only divisible by one in itself and there is a reason because Convergence is that significant,” King explained. “I will say the Multiversity Guide Book is something they should maybe pay attention to because it’s going to have some direct implications for the future of the DC Universe post-Convergence.

Convergence is going to be a game-changer.”

Convergence hits in April with #0; you can also check out a clip above for the WB animated movie LEGO Justice League vs. Bizarro Justice League.