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Jay Oliva Talks Batman vs. Superman Parademons & Wonder Woman Movie Storyboards

Matt McGloin Posted: 02/15/2017 - 16:33 COMMENT

Jay Oliva, who directs a majority of the animated Warner Bros. movies, also works on the DCEU films with Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman, Justice League and Wonder Woman.

While being a guest on the Shanlian on Batman podcast, Jay Oliva offers some insights into Batman vs. Superman in that originally the parademons where not a part of the Knightmare Batman scene, and that originally Batman was just going to fight the Superman soldiers, but director Zack Snyder went and added in the parademons as well as the Apokolips Omega Symbol:

I did the nightmare sequence with future Batman, although it was great because I just watched it again the other day and that last shot where it’s just one long, continuous take where Batman is fighting and eventually gets taken down, that was something I had talked to Zack about. Like, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if we did a Children of Men-style one shot?’ What’s funny is that [the parademons] were a late addition, Zack added that after I had done it because originally it was supposed to be the Superman bad guys and then Batman just gets taken over.

I was as surprised as you guys that the parademons were in it, but I knew where they were going to lead to. Like they’re all leading to the events that would eventually be like Justice League: War, my animated film, so I thought that’s kind of cool they’re bringing it this early into the story. For me, it was a nice addition. Even the shot where you saw the Omega symbol, that was something I didn’t know. That was added after I had finished my stint on it, so I didn’t know we were going to do references to Apokolips and stuff in the film, so I’m pretty jazzed that they put it in there.

Jay Oliva also got to work on the Justice League movie, though he can't obvliously reveal specific details:

”I didn’t get to work on Justice League during pre-production, but then while they were actually shooting they gave me a call and said ‘We have this new sequence, can you come help me out?’ I was like ‘Of course!’ They flew me to London. I was there for a couple weeks just kind of crafting one of the new sequences that they had come up with, and I was telling Zack ‘I’m so glad I got to work on this movie!’ I was hoping I got to work on Justice League, so this was cool.”

Likewise, Oliva worked on Wonder Woman and offers he thinks it will be a great movie:

I worked with Patty extensively on the film so I think its going to be great. I think its going to be fun. I’m totally jazzed to see it on the big screen. I did a couple sequences, so I’m curious to see how they turned out. I’m just happy there is a Wonder Woman film out!

Here’s what I hope: I hope that the Wonder Woman film will do well enough that they will want to do an animated Wonder Woman movie because the movie Laura Montgomery had done for us at Warner Bros. I worked on it with her, and it's one of my favorite movies that we had done. It's a shame it didn’t sell well mostly because it was pirated and because of that' that’s why we don’t get any Wonder Woman solo films because the one time we tried it didn’t sell well' so of course the higher-ups thought there wasn’t a market for Wonder Woman.

Jay Oliva's latest DC animated movie is out now with Justice League Dark.