Jared Leto Rumored For Batman Vs. Superman; Batmobile In Toronto For Suicide Squad



Earlier today saw set pics featuring Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne from Suicide Squad hit the net.

Now it’s being rumored that Jared Leto will actually first appear as Joker in Batman Vs. Superman, which precedes Suicide Squad by five months.

Latino Review is stating that Joker will be featured in a flashback scene for Batman Vs. Superman, which possibly explains why he is imprisoned in the Suicide Squad movie.

It’s said Joker will be seen in the flashback killing Jason Todd.

It also appears as if Ben Affleck may have more than a cameo in Suicide Squad as now, apparently, the Batmobile was spotted in Toronto (though unconfirmed).

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” has a March 25, 2016 release; “Suicide Squad” hits August 2016.


Batman Vs Superman Trailer: