James Gunn Denies Ben Affleck ‘Blue Beetle’ Cameo

Fans aren't happy that Ben Affleck is gone as Batman along with Henry Cavill as Superman.

Fans aren't happy that Ben Affleck is gone as Batman along with Henry Cavill as Superman.

James Gunn Denies Ben Affleck 'Blue Beetle' Cameo

The Snyder Verse fans have been up in arms, which sees James Gunn shoot down claims that he cut a Ben Affleck cameo from the Blue Beetle movie.

Following the release of The Flash movie, tons of details about Ben Affleck’s Batman movie hit the net including “it was fucking awesome” and “it was the best” and “it was amazing.”

Also as I told you, the original ending of The Flash movie was to feature Ben Affleck as Batman lost in the Multiverse leading to his movie, and lots more.

So now fans have called out James Gunn on Twitter.

A fan tweeted, “Ben Affleck had a VOICE-ONLY CAMEO for #BlueBeetleMovie that was cut by Gunn Was purely comedic BUT it placed blue Beetle film in batfleck continuity.”

Gunn shot back, “I’ve never heard of a Ben Affleck voice cameo in Beetle, nor has Peter, much less cut one.”

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Fans are blaming James Gunn

The comments in the tweets continue to blame Gunn for cutting the cameo and Ben Affleck as Batman along with Henry Cavill as Superman (I’ve been told David Zaslav is to blame).

“This guy is a huge liar and spreads a lot of hate towards you on their platform. Not surprised he’s making things up to make it seem like you ‘ruined’ or made Blue Beetle a worse film,” states a tweet.

Another adds, “The gymnastics gunn is pulling is ridiculous. His fanatics will claim when they all fail they werent his films. Makes you wonder how well flash might have done had they kept the links to snyderverse, or not inc Clooney. Its a reboot, but not a reboot, same actors but no affleck or Cavill. No cavill because hea doing an early years superman yet NOT doing a young superman. Its a complete mess!”

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'Zack Snyder's Justice League' Getting Theatrical Release Via Kevin Smith

What’s going on with DC?

James Gunn and Peter Safran are currently rebooting the DC films universe, but confusing for fans is whether it’s a complete reboot or some sort of soft reboot.

While Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill are gone, it’s now said both Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn will stick around James Gunn’s new DCU, with fans questioning why that is.

James Gunn has announced David Corenswet is playing the new Man of Steel in his Superman: Legacy movie which gets released on July 11, 2025. Viola Davis from Gunn’s The Suicide Squad is also sticking around as Amanda Waller, with it also speculated John Cena will continue to play Peacemaker in the DCU.

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