James Gunn Suffers From The Irish Curse Hints Anson Mount


Black Bolt has spoken.

It’s the Guardians of the Galaxy versus Inhumans crossover we’ve always dreamed of!? No, not really (nobody wants that), but we may have found out why James Gunn is a stick in the mud as Anson Mount hints the Marvel director may suffer from the Irish Curse!

What’s that you say? What is the Irish Curse?

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Sunday on Twitter, James Gunn, for some reason, voiced his thoughts on actors that fib about their height in order to get auditions and parts, something that ticked off Anson Mount, who is known for playing Blackbolt in Inhumans and Captain Christopher Pike in Star Trek.

Gunn let loose a bunch of tweets about how he wished actors would tell the truth about their height which saw Anson Mount tweet that Gunn has no talent and a small penis (the Irish Curse which explains why some Irish come off as bitter).

Gunn didn’t really get into it with Mount, but the exchange is pretty funny, and what is interesting is that Anson Mount seemed to be stating the height thing is less about the actor’s actual height but what appears to be “male dominance/ ‘masculinity’ (particularly re: female counterparts).”

On a side note, it’s known certain actors wear elevator shoes to increase their height while filming (I’m pretty sure Robert Downey Jr. has at times), so I don’t see the height being a real issue, but apparently Gunn does. In addition, I would think if the height thing is really an issue, the director could change the angle of the camera (2000 X-Men movie comes to mind with Hugh Jackman who is listed at 6’3” playing Wolverine who is really short in the comics), but in the tweets below Gunn says that’s all a lie.

James Gunn vs Anson Mount tweets:

Anson Mount James Gunn

Anson Mount James Gunn

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