Jaden Smith Said To Be Static Shock (Video)


Back in October, Warner Bros. announced a live-action Static Shock web series is in the works, which was quickly followed up by rumor that Jaden Smith will be playing the character.

Now Tyler James Williams, a long time fan-favorite actor to play the Miles Morales Spider-Man, seemingly confirms Jaden Smith as Static Shock.

When asked in the above video about playing a superhero, with it mentioned Static Shock, Williams says Jaden Smith is playing Static Shock.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” Williams says with a smile when Static Shock is brought up. “It is great to see Static Shock happening with Jaden. We’ll see what happens with what way Marvel decides to go with Spider-Man.”

Williams continues with mention that he is definitively interested in pursuing a superhero role and, while he isn’t starting a campaign or anything, confirms he has read for Marvel Studios before, so he trusts their decisions.

Worth a mention is that Jaden Smith’s parents are involved with DC, as Will Smith is starring in the Suicide Squad movie and Jada Pinkett Smith played Fish Mooney in Gotham.

Jaden Smith even went to prom dressed as Batman:


The Comeback…(Albino jacked the headgear)

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