Super Hero Squad Online: It’s Hero Up Time! March Update #2! Pure Elektra!


Squaddies Assemble!

By: Chris “DOC” Bushley



Super Hero Squad Online has been really pushing the “street” level characters as of late, and yesterday saw yet another one make their dynamic debut! For the sale price of a mere 300 gold pieces, you can get your grubby little hands on — “Pure Elektra!”

Stemming from the pages of Daredevil, this white costumed vigilante had her soul purified when Daredevil attempted to revive her from the dead using Hand magic. Though the attempt failed at the time, when she did return in the “Fall From Grace” storyline (DD vol.1 #319- 325) it was with this new white attire! What a totally cool looking character!

Although Elektra is my daughter’s favorite character in the game, “Because she can ‘double-jump’ dad!” I am not too sure we are going to pick this one up! Since the “normal” Elektra is already ours, are there any differences that the “Pure Elektra” character can bring to the table besides the white costume? The description of the new character just states, “She can become camouflage in winter conditions.” Wait, what?! I really wish they would let you know some attributes to the characters before you shell out some hard earned gold for them! If anyone does get this character, drop us a line in the comments below and tell us what you think!

With all the recent “street” related themes going on, “Lil Thunder” and I are curious to see if there might not be another “white” costumed vigilante coming soon. So, c’mon Marvel, we want — Moon Knight! Nuff’ said!