Review: Invincible #78





Writer:  Robert Kirkman

Artist:  Ryan Ottley

Colorist:  FCO Plascencia

Publisher:  Image

Release Date:  March 23rd, 2011


The Viltrumite War officially concludes this issue as almost all the plot threads from the war are tied up in a sensitive homecoming story for all the major players.

Mark, Nolan, and Tech Jacket are all re-united with their lost loves once Mark and Nolan negotiate a truce with the Viltrumite King now secretely in exile on Earth with the handful of his subjects who survived the war.  Unbeknownst to all our Earthly heroes, Allen, the new leader of the Coalition of Planets, may not allow this truce to stand as the goal of the Coalition is to kill all Viltrumites – including Mark, Nolan, and Oliver if necessary.  To address another plot thread, I was a little annoyed that Eve still didn’t tell Mark about the baby.  What’s she waiting for? I guess we’ll find out next issue. 

This issue has no substantial action, but is fairly heavy on drama and overarching story/plot development.  If you’re an Invincible fan already, you’ll enjoy all the character and plot development.  If you’re not already a fan and are looking for the over-the-top action-adventure that sets this series apart from all others, this is not the issue to jump aboard.  Try next issue.

Ottley’s art and Plascencia’s colors are stunning as usual even though this issue doesn’t stretch them as much as the Viltrumite War arc.  I’m sure Kirkman has some surprises for us next issue though as it’s rare for an action lite issue of Invincible to be followed by another action lite issue.

Invincible remains one of my most eagerly anticipated comics because Kirkman takes pains to have his characters grow and change over time – just like people in the real world.  That’s one of the many things that sets this comic apart from almost all others where the characters never really grow and change – and all the plots work around to leaving the character in the same place they were in Issue 1 even if you’re currently reading issue 100.  Invincible isn’t like that.  The characters in Issue 78 are very different than they were in Issue 1 – having grown and changed in response to their experiences – both good and bad.   That makes me care about the characters – and more – it talks up to me – challenging me to get to know these characters as I follow them through the process of their life and note how they’ve changed.  That’s the mark of great storytelling in any storytelling genre – but it’s rare in superhero comics fare outside of Invincible.  That’s why I’ll keep coming back for more.