Review: Invincible #77





Writer:  Robert Kirkman

Artist:  Ryan Ottley

Colorist:  FCO Plascencia

Publisher: Image

Release Date: February 2nd, 2011


The Viltrumite War arc of Invincible was arguably the greatest cosmic event of 2010 – eclipsing even Marvel’s mighty Thanos Imperative.  This issue, the war draws to a close in a manner that is bound to be hotly debated by fans of the series.

Even a die-hard fan of the series, such as yours truly, was left scratching his head at Kirkman’s choice of ending to such a spectacular event with an anti-climax.  Kirkman explains his reasoning via use of sequences where Mark, rushing back to Earth from a distant part of the universe, imagines what must be happening on Earth now that the Viltrumites have invaded.  Mark’s worst fears are terrifying indeed, as he imagines in gory detail the brutal slayings of friends and loved ones, as well as the total devastation of infrastructure he knows the Viltrumites are capable of inflicting.  Finally arriving on Earth, Mark is initially surprised that his worst fears have not been realized.   Then, the King of the Viltrumites appears and presents Mark with what is surely the greatest dilemma of his life so far.

High drama certainly – and it opens up a whole new world of story possibilities.  Yet –  I was left feeling let down.  I really wanted more over the top action.  We’ll see what the future holds.

Ottley and Plascencia deliver spectacular art and coloring as usual – making this issue a pleasing treat for the eyes.

This is not an issue with which to begin reading this series as you’ll be bewildered by it.  I think even long term fans will have terribly mixed feelings about it.  But – if I know Kirkman he has some pretty astounding surprises planned for us in upcoming issues.