Inhumans Officially Cancelled

Inhumans cancelled

No surprise, but ABC has officially canceled Marvel’s Inhumans, and there will be no Season 2.

The series suffered from set backs even prior to airing as the marketing campaign was really poor with the release of promo images and the first trailer.

The problems continued on Marvel’s Inhumans as ratings quickly dropped and fans voiced their dissatisfaction.

ABC even voiced their concerns to Marvel TV about the project, which apparently fell on deaf ears.

Black Bolt actor Anson Mount has recently been cast in the Star Trek: Discovery series, which foreshadowed the cancellation of Inhumans as well. 

IMAX footed the bill for Inhumans, so ABC didn’t really lose anything, with Marvel TV developing the series, but the show was simply awful. IMAX has since announced they will no longer being working with Marvel TV in the future.

Inhumans was actually going to be a Marvel Studios feature film, but when Kevin Feige split from Ike Perlmutter, Inhumans became a TV series, as Perlmutter is in control of Marvel TV, Comics, gaming and licensing.  

Marvel TV has seen its share of so-so projects, which includes Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Defenders.

ABC has yet to make an announcement about a potential Agents of SHIELD Season 6, but the producers have stated they are prepared for a cancellation.



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