Infinity War: Words Per Character Revealed

Infinity War: Words Per Character Revealed

With The Avengers: Infinity War now out digitally and on Blu-Ray, a fan went out and put together charts revealing how much dialogue each character had in the movie.

The charts reveal that Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark and Iron Man had the most spoken lines followed by Josh Brolin as Thanos, with Chris Pratt as Star-Lord coming in third, and Chris Hemsworth as Thor coming in a close fourth.

Rocket Raccooon, Banner, Doctor Strange, Gamora and Spider-Man also topped the charts.

We also see fan-favorite Ebony Maw had more lines than Scarlet Witch and Drax in Infinity War.

At the bottom sees Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow, and Benedict Wong’s character, followed by some of the secondary characters.

Infinity War Captain America

Infinity War

Interestingly enough, Captain America doesn’t have that many lines in Infinity War. The Russo brothers actually revealed their original plans were for Captain America to show up during the third act.

“Basically everyone at Marvel, other than Joe and I, were mad at us because we were bringing him into the movie so late [laughs],” Anthony Russo revealed in a previous interview. “We thought it was the right spot to do it, but after a while we gave in to everybody’s ‘we need more Cap.’ “

Joe Russo further revealed: “He had Thor’s heroic entrance into the Wakanda battle. That was originally Cap. Our thinking was, that he was on the run, nobody could find him, so we thought it would be this really compelling way to use the character, especially because we were trying to thin the ranks out so we could track everyone, and then we realized we had a really could spot to bring him in earlier in Scotland to save Vision and Wanda. So we started moving around heroic moments for characters.”

It will be interesting to see the chart difference between Infinity War and The Avengers 4, as we can guess Black Widow may have more lines, and Hawkeye and Captain Marvel are added into the sequel. Star-Lord, Doctor Strange, Gamora and Spider-Man’s status may drop as they are presently dust, courtesy the Great Titan Thanos.

Check out the charts:

Avengers: Infinity War number of words 100 or more:

Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War word count per character:

Infinity War

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