Sharknado’s Ian Ziering Joins Swamp Thing


Ian Ziering, known for Sharknado and Beverly Hills 90210, has joined the cast of the DC Universe Swamp Thing series in a guest star role as Hollywood has-been Daniel Cassidy, a.k.a. the Blue Devil.

The official description for the character in the series offers: “Stuntman turned movie star, Daniel Cassidy became semi-famous after playing the demonic Blue Devil. But now, eight years later, Cassidy finds himself living out his days in frustration, pining for his former fame while on a collision course with destiny.”

In the comics, Daniel Cassidy is mistaken to be an actual demon by another demon who attempts to steal his powers. When the demon blasts Cassidy with magic, the magic permanently bonds the Blue Devil suit to Cassidy and gives his powers, which includes super strength and resistant to physical damage; his prior human self, Cassidey was also a highly trained martial artist and acrobat.

Swamp Thing also stars Crystal Reed as Abby Arcane, Andy Bean as Alec Holland, Derek Mears as the monster form of Swamp Thing, Maria Sten as Liz Tremayne, Jeryl Prescott as Madame Xanadu, Virginia Madsen as Maria Sunderland, Will Patton as Avery Sunderland, with Kevin Durand playing the villain of the series, Jason Woodrue, aka Floronic Man, a brilliant but abrasive scientist who gets transmogrified super-villain into the super-villain.

Blue Devil

The Swamp Thing series sees Alec Holland caught in the cross-hairs when he discovers a mystery may connect to his work in the swamp. That leads him into conflict with dark forces, from which he emerges as the elemental hero known as Swamp Thing. As the monster struggles to hold onto his humanity, he must embrace what he has become in order to defend the town as well as the natural world at large.

When CDC researcher Abby Arcane returns to her childhood home of Houma, Louisiana, in order to investigate a deadly swamp-born virus, she develops a surprising bond with scientist Alec Holland — only to have him tragically taken from her. But as powerful forces descend on Houma, intent on exploiting the swamp’s mysterious properties for their own purposes, Abby will discover that the swamp holds mystical secrets, both horrifying and wondrous — and the potential love of her life may not be dead after all.

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