HRO Brings Mega NFT Hybrid Trading Cards To Comic-Con

The New “Dawn of DC” Collection Introduces the Mega Card, a Larger-Than-Life Trading Card that Unlocks a Bonus Redeemable Digital Collection.

HRO Brings Mega NFT Hybrid Trading Cards To Comic-Con

In celebration of DC’s yearlong publishing initiative, “Dawn of DC,” featuring new comic books starring Superman, DC’s Titans, Shazam!, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, The Penguin, Green Lantern, and many more, Cartamundi Group, the worldwide leader in playing cards, and Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products are proud to announce the newest collection of DC Hybrid Trading Cards by Hro that will be unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con 2023.

The “Dawn of DC” Collection by Hro will be available at the Hro Booth (#435) and at the DC Booth (#4645) from Wednesday, July 19 through Saturday, July 23, providing convention attendees with an exclusive “first look” opportunity to obtain these highly anticipated hybrid trading cards. Following San Diego Comic-Con, collectors worldwide will then have a chance to purchase the new collection through a limited sale on on July 31…bringing this special assortment into the hands of everyone who couldn’t be there in person for the 2023 event.

“At Cartamundi, we are dedicated to crafting playful products that will resonate with diverse communities,” says Tricia Bouras, Cartamundi Global Entertainment President, and CEO and President of the United States Playing Card Company of Cartamundi Entertainment. “The DC fandom is thriving, and this set was crafted with them in mind.”

This 21-card collection features the Cartamundi brand’s newest innovation: the Mega Card, which represents the first time a physical Hro card will unlock a new digital collection. Once the Mega Card is scanned into the Hro mobile app, collectors will be able to redeem it for an all-new “Dawn of DC”: Titans Digital Pack, extending the collecting experience beyond just that initial hybrid pack opening and creating an outlet for even deeper immersion into the DC Multiverse with crafting opportunities and additional Rewards at stake.

“We are excited to unveil the ‘Dawn of DC’ Collection at San Diego Comic-Con, the ultimate fan experience, to debut our latest innovations,” says Masha Ievseieva, Vice President of North America Marketing and Global Insights at Cartamundi. “Through the Mega Card, we are proud to introduce a new digital experience through a physical product, and it will delight DC fans.”

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How to Join the Hro Community
DC Hybrid Trading Cards by Hro allow fans to collect designs showcasing iconic art from DC’s comic book history, including fan-favorite characters like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and so many more. On the back of each physical trading card is a QR code that connects it to its digital “twin” on the Hro mobile app, which is validated and backed up by the security of blockchain technology. Once the physical and digital twins are linked, the Hro app and web platform then give buyers access to a global marketplace to buy, sell, and trade their way to a complete collection. This innovative model also plays host to a 360° fan engagement platform where users can compete to uncover the rarest cards, rise to the top of community leaderboards, and unlock the chance to win special rewards.

Hro Rewards
The Hro app plays host to a 360° fan engagement platform where users can compete to uncover the rarest cards, rise to the top of community leaderboards, and unlock the chance to win special Reward Cards.

Among the Rewards up for grabs with this “Dawn of DC” Collection are the following:

  • Completion Reward
    • For anyone able to collect the entire 21-card set, they will receive a Mythic-tier card featuring DC’s “Future State” Trinity, which includes Yara Flor (Wonder Woman), Jace Fox (Batman), and Jon Kent (Superman)…a perfect complement to the existing Mythic-tier Trinity card in the “Dawn of DC” Collection that depicts DC’s traditional Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman and ultimately connects to this Completion Reward in order to form a composite image.
  • Leaderboard Rewards
    • On top of the Completion Reward, there will also be two Reward Cards for the top 150 and top 300 “Dawn of DC” hybrid collectors in addition to a bonus Reward Card for the top 300 collectors who participate in the extra digital drop (“Dawn of DC”: Titans) unlocked by the Mega Card.