How about Kevin Nash For Cable in Deadpool 2?



With Deadpool being such a success and a sequel already green lit, who could play Cable in Deadpool 2?

Stephen Lang has already taken to Twitter to offer he wants to play the role, Rob Liefeld has previously offered up Jon Hamm, and other fans have recommended everyone from Liam Neeson to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ron Perlman.

One new name that I haven’t really seen on anyone’s list is WWE Superstar Kevin Nash.

Nash, aka “Big Sexy,” isn’t a stranger to the Hollywood scene as he had supporting roles in John Wick, Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL. Nash might be a good choice to be paired with Reynolds as he isn’t that well known of an actor, he does look the part, and his type of attitude and humor he is known for in the WWE (and honestly in real life) would probably work for Cable and the Deadpool sequel.

Plus it’s probably safe to say that Nash is just too sweet.

(via reddit)