How About James Marsden As Green Lantern?


james marsden green lantern justice league

With the DCEU in need of a Green Lantern, how about James Marsden?

James Marsden, who is no stranger to comic book movies after having played Cyclops for the X-Men films, might not be a bad choice for Hal Jordan as Green Lantern.

The idea of James Marsden as Green Lantern actually comes from artist George Evangelista‏ who put the following Justice League fan art together. 

You may recall George Evangelista‏ is behind that recent super cool Henry Cavill fan art that Zack Snyder said was awesome.

Below is the fan art image of the Justice League along with James Marsden as Green Lantern. Looks pretty good to me!

WB released reaffirmed a Green Lantern Corps movie at Comic-Con, but no release date has yet been announced. It’s speculated Green Lantern may be appearing in Justice League, but again, not confirmed.

James Marsden does have a WB connection in that he plays a character on HBO’s Westworld, so you never know, he could always be eyed for Green Lantern.

Boss Logic did a cool look at James Marsden as Green Lantern a few months ago as well. Check it out below!

james marsden green lantern justice league fan art