House of the Dragon Prequel In The Works From The Batman Writer

New Game of Thrones series in development at HBO from Mattson Tomlin.

House of the Dragon Prequel In The Works From The Batman Writer

Another Game of Thrones spinoff is in the works at HBO as a House of the Dragon prequel is in development from Mattson Tomlin, a writer behind The Batman and more.

The details include the series will be “Aegon’s Conquest” described as basically a direct prequel to House of the Dragon.

According to THR, Aegon’s Conquest “tells the story of the Targaryen’s bloody and brutal conquest of Westeros. The story follows the invader Aegon Targaryen, who conquered the continent of Westeros with his sister wives, Rhaenys and Visenya, and their dragons. Aegon successfully unified six of the Seven Kingdoms in just two years, with only Dorne able to successfully resist.”

Tomlin confirmed the news on Twitter by retweeting the THR article.

Mattson Tomlin helped director Matt Reeves on the script of The Batman and is credited as co-writer on The Batman Part II.

He’s also behind the new Terminator Anime at Netflix (which hopefully isn’t woke), the adaptation of the Keanu Reeves graphic novel BRZRKR, the upcoming Mega Man movie, and he wrote Project Power for Netflix which stars Jamie Foxx.

House of the Dragon Season 2 is currently in development and thought to be released Summer 2024 on HBO.


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