Henry Cavill Is The ‘Top Man’ Says Alan Ritchson

Guy Richie has finished filming on 'The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare' with new pics and comments released.

Guy Richie has finished filming on 'The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare' with new pics and comments released.

Henry Cavill Is The 'Top Man' Says Alan Ritchson

Guy Ritchie’s The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare has wrapped with Alan Ritchson and Alex Pettyfer praising Henry Cavill as the “top man.”

Inspired by true events, the film charts UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s and James Bond creator Ian Fleming’s secret WWII combat organization.

Henry Cavill is said to be playing the leader of the secret combat organization, with Eiza Gonzales said to be playing a military sniper with extraordinary spy-craft abilities. 

Guy Ritchie also released a new look at the cast.

“For the last day of the shoot you bring out the big guns,” posted the director. “Thanks to all the cast and crew.”

Henry Cavill posted about the film wrapping on Instagram

“That’s a wrap! My days on Ungentlemanly Warfare are over. Tis a sad day. I’m going to echo the sentiments of my co-stars and sing the praises of our intrepid crew. It’s rare to come across a team so driven, dedicated and committed to the storytelling. That drive and dedication is only intensified by having a leader such as Guy Ritchie. His ability to weave story and create character might be second to none, and he wields it like it were magic,” said Cavill.

Cavill continued, “Those ingredients – skill, drive, and exceptional talent at the top, are only three of the ingredients needed for an experience that will last forever in memory. The fourth is happiness. Guy creates happiness on his set, it’s a joyful place to be, full of laughter and japes and jests. The crew and cast’s approach and personality is key in this. Everyone, without fail, was able to enjoy themselves while also working hard and being exceptional.”

Cavill added, “This wee pontification would not be complete without heaping praise upon my fellow actors. Alan Ritchson, the man mountain, with a heart of gold, and a wisdom and talent that can sweep you off your feet. Alex Pettyfer, the lover, the laugher, the warmth of a big smile and a jaw line that would challenge the Turkish mountains. Henry Golding Jnr, a snap quick acting reaction time, handsome beyond belief and always a man I was happy to see. And the last (but not the least) of my immediate team of misfits, Hero Fiennes Tiffin – a mega star in the making. I know a lot of you know him already, but my oh my he’s going to have a magnificent career. To the makers of The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare I shall miss you all, and gods willing – see you soon.”

Alan Ritchson responded in the comments.

“So moved by this. However! While I’m not surprised in the least that you would kindly mention Guy’s brilliance, the intrepid crew and the joyful contributions of the ‘Ungentlemanly five” as we’ll call us for now… you gracefully omitted yourself. For anyone that doesn’t have the good fortune of working with a #1 on the call sheet like Cavill, let me just say, none of the accolades he mentioned matter in the least if he is not willing to lead by example,” said the actor. “Henry was always first in and last out, never once complained – even in the midst of tough conditions (both on and off the set at times). He showed up ready to work every single day and never griped about waiting around if he was asked to. I hear actors all the time complain about waiting on set with far less experience. Not Cavill. Not once. That’s how you get things done and done with a sense of fun and joy. When this film is a hit, it will have everything to do with our man at the top.”

Alex Pettyfer also said replied to Henry Cavill in the comments, “Love you brother, thank you for the kind words. One of the greatest honors following your lead.”

Alan Ritchson also posted more on Instagram

“That’s a wrap on Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare. Most incredible work experience of my life. There is nothing to compare the creative experience of working with Guy Ritchie. Incredible filmmaker, even better man. Henry Cavill is a stellar leader on set, unparalleled work ethic, “Top man” as the Brits would say 10/10 would jump into a film with him again,” said Ritchson.

Ritchson continued, “The rest of the cast and crew was lightning in a bottle.You’ve never seen a film like this one. Excited for you to meet the larger than life “Anders Lassen” I had the great honor of portraying. Will let you know when this one’s hitting theaters. Now off to talk to press about @thefastsaga. Be sure to get your tix for opening night May 19.”

Alex Pettyfer also made a lengthy post

“That’s a wrap on Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare. @guyritchie thank you for the most incredible professional experience of my career! Including me in this once in a lifetime film. You’ve become a mentor, I’m so grateful for the support you so graciously give everyone around you,” said Pettyfer.

“@henrycavill you are so inspiring to watch, a mentor for me also, a constant professional, couldn’t of asked for a better captain. Thank you brother for everything,” he added.

@alanritchson I only have one thing to say, if there was a machine that shaped the perfect physique and personality of a movie star you kind sir are that exactly. It was a pleasure to watch you work, and steal every scene you’re in with your outrageous humor,” continued Pettyfer.

“@hero_ft my little bro, you are beyond talented. I, being the fan girl I am was so excited to share the screen with you, please when you’re holding the golden statue one day remember to thank me… just because I was the first to say you’d get it,” he said.

“@henrygolding lastly my brother, very few people come into our life’s for a lifetime. You my friend are definitely stuck with me till the end, love you,” Pettyfer continued. “To all the other cast and crew, thank you for all your support, kindness and making this the greatest experience.”

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