Henry Cavill On Superman vs Shazam Vs Batman

Matt McGloin Posted: 07/31/2018 - 20:58 COMMENT
Henry Cavill On Superman vs Shazam Vs Batman

With Henry Cavill possibly returning for another Superman and Man of Steel 2 movie, while promoting the release of Mission: Impossible - Fallout, the actor is asked who would win in a fight between Superman vs Shazam vs Batman.

Henry Cavill actually takes a serious approach to the question and offers:

"Well, first of all, if it's three guys fighting, Batman has a chance, because Shazam and Superman are going to focus on each other, and that's when Batman gets all his sneaky stuff in," Henry Cavill said. "That's when he has a chance to win, so Batman's still in this fight. Definitely still in this fight."

Henry Cavill continues explaining what he thinks if his Superman and Zachary Levi's Shazam ever met up in battle.

"Shazam has magic, which is allegedly, comic book lore-wise, Superman's weakness, or at least he's more vulnerable to it than other things," Henry Cavill said. "That's a fun idea because Superman isn't just going to be beating up Shazam, he's not, and Shazam is basically a big kid, so he's not going to be beating up Superman, he's a huge fan of Superman... But Supes is quick. I think it's whoever gets the jump on the other, so it's situational."

Henry Cavill

Yahoo also caught up with Zachary Levi and the cast of Shazam! and asked the same question, which saw them laugh off Batman, but take sides with their Captain Marvel.

"Shazam is magic,” Levi said at the recent San Diego Comic-Con, where he was joined by co-stars Asher Angel and Jack Dylan Grazer and director David F. Sandberg. “So I think we’re team Shazam.”

Check out the video interview, which shows the huge difference in tone between Batman vs. Superman and the upcoming Shazam! movie: