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Henry Cavill Shaves Mustache (Video)

Henry Cavill Shaves Mustache (Video)

Superman Henry Cavill has shaved off his mustache!

Henry Cavill posted a funny video on social media paying tribute to the mustache that was the center of attention during the Justice League reshoots and filming on Mission Impossible 6.

When Joss Whedon came on board the Justice League movie all of the Superman scenes were reshot, but the problem was that Henry Cavill was already filming his new Mission Impossible 6 movie, which required him to have a mustache.

Paramount wouldn’t allow Henry Cavill to shave for the Justice League reshoots, even though Warner Bros. offered to foot the bill to pay for the digital alterations. Instead, Henry Cavill filmed the Justice League reshoots with a mustache, which then needed to be removed through use of CGI in post-production.

As just about everybody that has seen the Justice League movie has noticed, WB didn’t do all that well of a job removing the mustache.

Henry Cavill even pokes fun at the Superman mustache in the following video which he labeled with the hashtag “#ShavedButNotForgotten” on Facebook.  

Mission Impossible 6 comes out July 27, and presently, Henry Cavill’s calendar is pretty clear, so it remains to be seen where he will pop up next.

Some fans think Henry Cavill may be making a cameo in the Shazam! movie, while others are expecting a big Man of Steel 2 announcement soon. How about both?!

Check out the Henry Cavill mustache video: