Han Solo Box Office Lower Than Expected

Han Solo Box Office

The Han Solo movie opens this weekend, and it’s looking likely it will have a lower than expected opening weekend box office.

Estimates are offering that Han Solo won’t even break the $100 million mark for its three day opening, which could be around $80-90 million.

However, as it’s a four-day Holiday weekend here in the U.S., Han Solo looks to nab around $105-115 million. 

Han Solo did manage to break the Thursday night preview record for Memorial Day weekend with $14.1 million, which tops the previous Memorial Day record of $13.2 million set by Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.

I haven’t seen Han Solo yet myself, but I’ve been getting mixed reviews. Some of my friends on social media said they dug it, while some fans in our Facebook group said to not go in with high expectations, while some others loathed it. 

I’m going in not expecting much myself, but at least hoping it’s entertaining.

Han Solo also has a 70% on Rotten Tomatoes, with only 54% of fans stating they liked it of the over 18k user ratings.

More numbers will come in as the weekend progresses.

Han Solo also faces competition for Deadpool 2, which debuted last weekend with $125 million.

Han Solo Box Office

Han Solo

Han Solo