GTA 6 Features Trans Female Protagonist?

The new trailer is causing a lot of controversy among fans on social media.

The new trailer is causing a lot of controversy among fans on social media.

GTA 6 Features Trans Female Protagonist?

A tweet going viral claims a rumor says the main character in GTA 6 is a trans female which is causing a lot of controversy particularly on X (Twitter).

Rockstar Games released the trailer on Monday following leaks which has seen some fans questioning the content.

On Twitter, users are actually accusing Rockstar Games of catering inappropriate material to children, but that is not true, as the games carry a Mature rating and are geared toward adults.

Other users have stated it’s woke because the main character is female. That’s also not true. Simply having a diverse or female character as the lead is not woke. It’s when said character replaces an existing character and/or is used to “send a message” does it then become woke, which is usually at the expense of the story, the fans, and the original characters and creators (Star Wars, Marvel, Doctor Who, etc.).

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Is Lucia a trans female?

Regarding GTA 6 having a trans character, it’s questioned if the main character, Lucia, is a trans female.

Twitter user DramaAlert tweeted to its 266.9k users a “First look at ‘GTA 6’ female protagonist.”

The account added, “She is rumored to be transgender,” and said, “Franklin’s sugar mama?”

The tweet has been viewed 6.3 million times:

gta 6 trans luicia rumor tweet

Who said Lucia is trans?

When questioned about the source of the rumor, the account said to look it up on Google and included a screenshot revealing a Reddit thread titled, “Grand Theft Auto 6, 1st ever female protagonist is a trans woman!?!?”

Checking the thread, the Redditor actually posted the rumor 1 year ago:

We now know that GTA 6 will have a female protagonist. We don’t yet know if there will also be a male protagonist. But rumors are circling that Rockstar made the female protagonist a trans woman.

If this rumor is true, would knowing that the female protagonist is a trans woman change your mind about buying GTA 6?

Twitter users replied to DramaAlert calling out the account for referencing a Reddit post as a source. Other users also chimed in that if GTA 6 does use a trans character they will be boycotting the game.

A Redditor also thinks Rockstar Games will likely make fun of the controversy surrounding trans people and that the rumor isn’t true.

“Rockstar would be usually making fun of stuff like this, I hope they won’t go soft overall, but at the same time I don’t believe rumors,” said Denis_G27 responding to the rumor last year.

Grand Theft Auto VI will be released in 2025.

Watch the trailer:

Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer 1

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