Green Lantern Teased For Arrow Season 4 Premiere



Update: A new Arrow trailer reveals a ring, but not the ring we were all hoping for.


Pardon the pun, but has Arrow gotten the green light to use Green Lantern after all?

It was insinuated Green Lantern was out of the picture for Arrow due to the recently announced Green Lantern Corps movie; however, for the second time in about a week, Green Lantern is teased.

In a recent interview with, it’s noted Oliver is facing a new criminal organization in Arrow Season 4 with the Shadowspire which is led by Baro Reiter that will see Ollie coming up against in the hometown of Green Lantern with Coast City. EP Marc Guggenheim teases the previously seen billboard (below) and adds we just may see a certain ring.

“There is a nod or two,” Guggenheim teased. “There is a billboard that people will get a kick out of, and there may or may not be a ring in the season premiere.”

“Arrow” Season 4 premiers Wednesday, October 7th on the CW.