Green Lantern In Justice League Movie?


green lantern justice league movie speculation

Once again Green Lantern is being speculated for the Justice League movie.

The latest guess is based on a line of DC characters included in a geek box subscription.

A Redditor points out that the Brazil movie web site, Omelete, is being told by WB which specific characters to include in their geek box subscription.

The website gives an example on YouTube in that Batgirl doesn’t seem like a likely choice to be a first choice in their line, but WB told them to include Batgirl, and then a couple of weeks later the Batgirl Joss Whedon movie was announced.

green lantern justice league superman

Regarding Green Lantern, we can point out that Green Lantern isn’t presently a part of any DC property other than comic books, but apparently Green Lantern will be a part of the November geek box subscription, which is when the Justice League movie is coming out.

Now is that pure coincidence? Or since WB specifically tells them what characters to use, is WB preparing fans for Green Lantern in Justice League

There hasn’t been any official announcement regarding Green Lantern in the Justice League movie. All we really know is a Green Lantern Corps movie is being written by Man of Steel and Batman v Superman‘s David S. Goyer.

Armie Hammer is also heavily speculated to be playing Green Lantern, however Armie Hammer has denied the notion.