Gladiator 2 Trailer Facing Massive Fan Backlash: Over 50k YouTube Dislikes

Fans don't seem to be happy with the choice of music and the trailer spoiling too much of the movie.

gladiator 2 backlash fifty thousand fans dislike trailer

Yikes! Over fifty thousand fans have disliked the new Gladiator 2 trailer from Ridley Scott on the official Paramount Pictures YouTube channel.

The trailer was released earlier on Tuesday revealing a first look at footage featuring Paul Mescal playing Lucius battling Pedro Pascal as Marcus Acacius.

Connie Nielsen also returns as Lucilla, and Denzel Washington plays Macrinus, with Joseph Quinn as Emperor Geta, and Fred Hechinger as Emperor Caracalla.

gladiator 2 trailer dislikes
Screenshot via Paramount YouTube channel

Fans disliked the Gladiator 2 trailer on YouTube

In those six hours since the trailer has been released, the Gladiator 2 trailer has received a whopping 4 million views.

However, the fans are divided as the likes are at a current 63k, while the dislikes are at a current 54k.

The trailer has also received over ten thousand comments.

denzel washington gladiator 2

What do the fans say?

A comment with 8.8k dislikes says, “Add this to Pedro’s ‘dies in a movie/show’ list.”

Fans also aren’t happy with the music choices.

gladiator 2 poster 1 1

“‘This Jay Z song mentions a colosseum,'” says the comment with 1000 likes. “‘Yeah stick that in there.'”

Another with 1000 likes says, “Great choice of music….. All that’s missing is Dom Toretto drifting round the Colosseum in a modified chariot.”

A comment with 7.2k likes says, “So Denzel is basically portraying Denzel as an ancient Roman.”

This one has nearly 20k likes: “The producers: We got Danzel, let’s throw a rap song in there to emphasize the roman empire.”

gladiator 2 poster 2

“Denzel looks like he is in Training Day 2 Rome Edition,” says a comment with nearly 9k likes.

A comment with nearly 7k likes: “We only have one black guy in the movie, boss.” “Blast a rap song over the trailer!”

A fan remarked that has 1.2k likes about the Gladiator 2 trailer not using the original movie’s Hans Zimmer music score: “Can’t believe they didn’t use parts of the original theme to hit you with the nostalgia. That Hans Zimmer score still gives me goosebumps.”

gladiator 2 poster 3

Another with nearly 6k likes: “Hans Zimmer giving this a facepalm!”

“A movie that never ever needed a sequel,” adds another with 5.3k likes.

“Yay-Z rapping definitely transported me right back to 476 AD!” states a comment with 1.6k likes from other fans.

gladiator 2 poster 4

A comment with 2k likes: “This feels like one of the fake trailers at the start of Tropic Thunder.”

3.3k likes: “We went from Hans Zimmer to freakin’ Spotify music.”

1.4k likes: Was it just me or was you also waiting for Denzel to say “my man!”

gladiator 2 poster 5

1k likes: Denzel: “I’m putting cases on all you Nero’s!”

2.3k likes: Nothing like American rap music to emphasize the authenticity of the Roman empire.

Some fans commented on the trailer spoiling too much, as one with 1.1k likes, says, “This ain’t even a trailer it’s practically the whole movie in 3 minutes.”

Another adds, “JFC did they put enough of the movie in this trailer? I feel like I just watched the entire film.”

gladiator 2 poster 6

More on the music: “Whoever picked the music for the trailer needs to be sent to the salt mines of Carthage.”

Another: “Gladiator: Hans Zimmer Gladiator II: Literally JAY Z”

“I loved the hip hop music and New York accent, really immersed me in Roman culture,” commented a fan.

Gladiator II’ gets released Nov. 22.

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