Ghostbusters Reboot Producer May Let Fans See Movie For Free


ghostbusters judd apatow Ghostbusters Reboot Producer May Let Fans See Movie For Free

Good news for Ghostbusters fans everywhere — the producer on the movie may let you go see the movie for free.

So if you are on the fence about seeing it, or even loathe the idea of Hollywood remaking another classic, no worries as you won’t have to drop a dime to go see the movie.

Actually, someone else might pay for you to go see it.

Ghostbusters reboot producer Judd Apatow recently said in an interview that he equates the Ghostbusters reboot haters with the same people that support Donald Trump. So from that we can assume he is either a Hillary Clinton supporter or a Bernie Sanders supporter. That means free movies for all, and that he doesn’t want you to pay.

“I would assume there’s a very large crossover of people who are doubtful Ghostbusters will be great and people excited about the Donald Trump candidacy,” Apatow told Uproxx. “I would assume they are the exact same people. That movie is made by the great Paul Feig and stars the funniest people on Earth, so I couldn’t be more excited. I think people have paid too much attention to just some angry trolls.”

“And it will be judged on its own greatness,” he continued. “I don’t think anything really matters the way you think it does. The movie comes out, and it will be great, and people will just be happy to have it. It’s not like anybody really cares about a couple of idiots who hold onto the idea that things never evolve.”

Marvel’s Mark Ruffalo also insinutated fans may get to see Thor 3 free as well.

We also wondering if Apatow is going to give his cut from Ghostbusters away. Are you Judd?

At least we don’t have to pay to go see Ghostbusters now.