Ghostbusters Reboot Confirmed By Drew Pearce



In addition to the Paul Feig female Ghostbusters, it’s confirmed Sony is developing a second Ghostbusters reboot.

While presently unknown if the two Ghostbusters movies will be in the same universe, Mission Impossible and Iron Man 3 writer Drew Pearce confirms he has finished the script.

“Obviously it’s top secret, but there’s a gigantic bold idea that I came up with,” Pearce told MTV. “And the Russo brothers — who did Captain America: The Winter Soldier and are doing Civil War at the moment — and Ivan Reitman, who did the original movie, are going to take that and run with it. Obviously I cannot tell you what it is, but hopefully in one year’s time you’ll know!”

Channing Tatum and Chris Pratt have been mentioned as possibilities for the new Ghostbusters, with Pearce confirming the idea – at least – is to use them.

“That’s definitely the cast we’ve been thinking about as we approach the project,” Pearce offered. “Whether that happens or not is very much above my pay grade. It’s just my job to give them something exciting that maybe they’ll do.”

Regarding the shared Ghostbusters universe, Pearce says he wants it to happen.

“My personal inclination is to try and make everything occur in the same ’Ghostbusters’ universe, because I feel, as a fan, that’s what I would want,” Perace said. “Standing here in New York, you just wanna tie it all together. Whether that happens or not we’ll see, but I’ve certainly given them the tools to do that, I hope.”

Paul Feig’s previously mentioned he is not involved with the new Ghostbusters (male-led) reboot.