Huge Full Iron Man 3 Spoilers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Suit Designs, Ending & More!


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:5913:]]The last week or so Iron Man 3 concept art hit the net that eventually made their way into the recent movie poster.

At least two out of the three designs showed up with the third rumored to be appearing as the Hulkbuster armor in the upcoming Iron Man 3 trailer that hits March 5th.

Well, apparently the leaked images come from a production reference guide which not only depicts all the Iron Man suits, but gives a description of each.

Someone said to be in the industry has the guide and the comments have been archived over at Foolz.Us. This might have been on 4Chan and been removed.

The following descriptions might reveal specific details about the movie, and do sound really cool. 

Of course it could be just a nicely done fan-fic. You can decide.

Potential Iron Man 3 spoilers follow!



The “Super Uni-Beam” armor (as we referred to it as – see upper right) is actually the final battle suit that Tony creates from the parts of other Iron Man armors. It’s dubbed the “Heart Breaker v.01” armor and comes with a larger Arc Reactor and higher energy output that Tony uses to take on the Mandarin. More on “v.02 below.”


Guardians of the Galaxy movie spoilers! We’ve also seen the Starboost armor (left) and action figure. It’s described as the Space Armor v.01, and after the Chitauri attacked in The Avengers, Tony Stark created a suit capable of space travel based on a unique new metall alloy (vibranium?!) that absorbs his Arc Reactor energy signature. Well, Stark receives a coded SOS and travels into space using the new armor to discover its source. The armor is also said to be used in the near future (Guardians of the Galaxy movie? The Avengers 2? Both?)

There is a description of a “Heavy Brute Armor” (see #4 below left) that is most likely the concept art thought to be the Hulkbuster suit. It’s designed for heavy tasks and sheer strength, powered by a modified Arc Reactor enabling Tony to take on the strongest of enemies.

“The Layered Plating Armor v.01” designs is described as Tony’s attempt to make an armor that’s more capable of being compact with the concept of retractable layers, which makes it more portable than the Mark V armor.

“The Layered Plating Armor v.02” is a further design of the previous but features a more simple assembly that enables Stark to head into battle more quickly.

“Stealth Armor” is said to be used by Tony Stark to infiltrate the Mandarin’s Ten Rings hideout.

“SK.I.N. Armor” or “Stored Kinetic Integrated Network” sounds like Tony Stark’s attempts at Terminator 2 as it’s said to be a new form of liquid metal that can be configured into shapes and such. It’s stated that Tony had to abandon the design as it proved to unstable.

“Specialized Aquatic Armor” enables Tony to travel in the deep sea where he goes off to acquire items from the Mandarin’s attack.


“Asgardian Destroyer Armor” we’ve just seen as well (right), and is described as Tony’s reaction to the Asgardians. He creates the Destroyer Iron Man armor based on stolen specs from the S.H.I.E.L.D. Hellicarrier.

There is also a “Happy Hogan Armor” that states it was created after Tony Stark’s friend, Happy Hogan (played by John Favreau), dies, and the armor is equipped with an A.I. after the brain patterns of Happy Hogan and assists Stark in battle.

An armor is built in response to the villain, Firepower. The “Particle Radiation Cannon Attachment” absorbs and channels Taggert’s heat against him.

A Hydro Armor is listed, a mecha version of the Destroyer (incomplete), a Telepresence armor that gets destroyed by ColdBlood, and there is some sort of huge cannon that gets attached to the Mark XLII’s chest.


The R.E.S.C.U.E. Armor is revealed as it’s created by Stark to rescue Pepper Potts from an AIM experiment where they attempt to recreate the Arc Reactor and install it in her. He saves her by remotely controlling the armor as it surrounds her and he controls it to help her escape. However, she is so distraught at getting the Arc Reactor installed that she wants to be alone, sort of breaking up with Tony (more below).

The Mandarin damages v.01 of the “Heart Break” armor leading Tony Stark to designing “v.02” which has more Arc Reactors and is essentially the “Ultimate Iron Man” armor.

There is the Mark L armor which is the Extremis Armor. Tony finally perfects the design and is one with the armor.



Dr. Hansen disables all the Extremis technology which forces Tony to revisit the original Iron Man armor finishing his battle against the Mandarin, in essence completing the circle from the first movie where he was trapped in the Ten Rings cave.



Jarvis gives Tony Stark the idea to create Iron Avengers after the Chitarui nearly defeated them in battle in The Avengers movie. Also something about the ten-year-old kid giving him the idea.

Zeke Stane gets a mention.

The metal used for the Space Armor is given to Stark by the Wakandans (Black Panther!).

Stan Lee is shown talking about the existence of gods and aliens after Stark watches a news report about unusual cosmic activity at the far reaches of the Milky Way.

No Radioactive Man.

The Mandarin’s rings are working and are a blend of tech and cosmic energy!

Project MODOK and the Cosmic Cube are shown as part of AIM files.

Hansen gets scarred leaves Tony and might end up as Madam Masque. Tony has a sexual fling with her after he and Pepper separate.

Run-time is listed at 2h 40 m.

War Machine is created as propaganda for the Military who asks Stark to create a star-shaped Arc Reactor. Tony says that’s dumb and old-fashioned (dig at Cap?), but it happens anyway.

Mandarin has a drawing of Fin Fang Foom.

Mandarin doesn’t die.

Stephanie Szostak is the daughter of Vernon Van Dyne. She’s Janet (Wasp!).



From the outset of the movie, Stark tells Jarvis to be on alert for anything from space (because of The Avengers movie). Jarvis helps repair some of the robot army and receives an SOS — from Star-Lord! And he’s in his full mask that is apparently damaged. Stark then tells Jarvis to prepare the Space Armor with the metal the Wakandas sent over, and that Stark flies into space saying, “This time…I’m ready.”

Asked how long he will be in space, Stark replies to Jarvis, “I’ll be back.”

Thor is said to be a surprise cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Guardians of the Galaxy movie is said to take place before/during Iron Man 3.

Iron Man 3 hits May 3rd. Head on over to our Avengers movie hub for more.

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