Following DCU Rumors, Joe Manganiello Teases Deathstroke

The actor is said to be best friends with the co-head of the DCU, James Gunn.

The actor is said to be best friends with the co-head of the DCU, James Gunn.

Joe Manganiello Rumored As Deathstroke For James Gunn's DCU

Following those DCU rumors from October, wouldn’t you know it, now Joe Manganiello seemingly teases a return to Deathstroke.

Rumors surfaced that Joe Manganiello is returning to the DCU as Slade Wilson as apparently Manganiello and the co-head of the DCU, James Gunn, happen to be best friends.

The actor posted a lego image of Deathstroke on social media leading to the speculation.

joe manganiello deathstroke

How about Joe Manganiello for Brave and the Bold?

Gunn is already bringing back Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, John Cena as Peacemaker, and Xolo Maridueña as Blue Beetle, so why not Joe Manganiello who only appeared in the Justice League post-credit scenes that basically mean nothing?

Gunn is also said to be bringing back Jason Momoa, not as Aquaman, but as Lobo, so certainly there is enough room to bring back Joe Manganiello who was supposed to play the villain in Ben Affleck’s Batman movie.

So maybe instead of the Affleck Batman movie, Gunn will use Joe in The Brave and the Bold which will introduce Gunn’s version of Batman along with Damian Wayne in what is described as an unusual father-son story inspired by Grant Morrison’s comic series.

There also happens to be that Matt Reeves Arkham series set in the DCU.

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