The Flash vs Nora Allen In New Season 5 Poster

The Flash vs Nora In New Season 5 Poster

The CW releases a new poster for The Flash Season 5 featuring Barry taking on his daughter, Nora Allen, who is from the future.

The poster also features a look at the new costume for The Flash and shows off Nora’s purple Speed Force powers.

In the show, Nora Allen goes by the codename XS, which fans of the comics know is the name of the Legion of Super-Heroes member Jenni Ognats, the granddaughter of Barry and Iris in the future. While Nora Allen is not Jenni, we see the TV show sort of combines the two comic book characters Dawn, their daughter, and Jenni. 

A new trailer teasing the season’s villain has also been released which can be found below.

The Flash Season 5 premiers Tuesday, October 9 on The CW starring Grant Gustin, with Jessica Parker Kennedy as Nora Allen.

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