The Flash Season 5: First Look At Nora Allen In Costume

The Flash Season 5 Nora Allen Costume

The Flash Season 5 continues filming in Vancouver, Canada, where set images have hit the net offering a first look at Nora Allen in costume.

The images, posted to social media, feature actress Jessica Parker Kennedy and her stunt double in costume, with users on Twitter also reporting Nora Allen is in costume along with Grant Gustin as The Flash.

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Known details about Nora Allen in The Flash Season 5 include that she is the daugher of Barry and Iris, and that her name is a homage to Barry’s deceased mother (in the comics, her name is Dawn).

The Flash Season 5 Comic-Con trailer also saw her superhero codename revealed to be XS, which fans of the comics know is the name of the Legion of Super-Heroes member Jenni Ognats, who is granddaughter of Barry and Iris Allen in the future. While Nora Allen is not Jenni, we see the TV show sort of combined the two characters from the comics (Dawn and Jenni).

The end of last season saw Nora come back in time revealing that she made some sort of big mistake, which will be played out this season and involves The Flash Season 5 villain as well.

“She comes back for a specific reason, not only to see her parents and meet everybody on the team, which you saw all throughout the season — there’s four specific times that she came back, and you’re gonna learn about why she chose those four times and how they’re gonna play into not only the mistake that she made, but the consequences for somebody like her, a speedster traveling from the future to the past, and what that means for Barry and the team,” executive producer Todd Helbing said in a previous interview.

Nora Allen also appeared throughout Season 4 which saw her being cold to Caitlin and avoiding Iris, which is because she knows what happens in the future.

“Yeah, she comes from 30 years in the future, so 30 years from now, a lot has happened,” Helbing said. “She’s privy to information that nobody else is, so her experience in the future is certainly different than where everybody is now. A lot of next season too, you’re gonna see this relationship between Barry and Iris and Nora, so we just wanted to give the audience a little glimmer into what her reaction is to everybody. If you go back and watch all of the ways that she interacted with everybody, you can get a nice little sense of what her relationship is with everybody in the future.”

The Flash Season 5 premiers Tuesday, October 9 on The CW starring Grant Gustin.

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