First Look At Spider-Man Concept Art From Captain America: Civil War


spider man captain america civil war concept art

Check out a batch of concept art for Spider-Man from the Captain America: Civil War Art of the Movie book, which is now available.

Update: Black Panther concept art images can also be viewed.

You can pick up the book on Amazon.

“When you see him on screen – especially next to characters like Tony Stark and Steve Rogers – he brings something special and different to that role because there is an innocence to him that’s partially realized by the fact that Tom Holland is himself just a teenager,” producer Nate Moore says. “At the same time, we wanted Spider-Man to move unlike any Spider-Man in other previous films. And Tom — having learned sort of theater acting and acrobatics by doing Billy Elliot in London — brings a natural physicality to the role that we were kind of surprised by, I mean, here’s a kid who can do a standing backflip. That really helps when you’re building action around the character, because you’re not as dependent on stunt guys to breathe life into this character when he has the mask on. And I think actors inhabit part of the roles physically. So Tom was able to bring that physicality to the character of Spider-Man even when he had the mask on.”

“There’s a natural youthful clumsiness to Tom that’s endearing and becomes so much part of his performance that it integrated uniquely into the typical Spidey acrobatics,” Dan Deleeuw, Captain America: Civil War visual effects supervisor, says. “During the visual effects process, it was all about mechanics. He just can’t swing through the air and not have the mechanics of what the body needs to do to propel him through the air. I think what you’ll find — even though we do hit the iconic ‘Spidey posts’ — is that the in-betweens are not as fluid or as graceful. His body struggles to put him into those positions, and it’s a function of it being his first time out. He’s still figuring it all out and coming into himself.”

“The Russo brothers wanted him to stay grounded, but still convey that true comic book feel,” Visual Effects producer Jen Underdahl says. “When you see him on screen, it’s him. It’s Spider-Man like we’ve never seen him before. He elevates the scenes in a really fun way.”

“It was already iconic having most of the Avengers characters squaring off, with the additions of the Winter Soldier, Ant-Man, and Black Panther,” concept artist Andy Park says. “But once Spider-Man joined the fray, it was a line-up of characters that many fans never thought they’d see together. It is truly a special moment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to have arguably the most recognizable character in all of comic books join the party.”

Tom Holland will star in Spider-Man: Homecoming, which has a July 7, 2017 release also starring Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man, Marisa Tomeia as Aunt May, with Michael Keaton rumored as the villain.

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