First Look At Michael B. Jordan In Fantastic Four



Check out some first look images at Fantastic Four below as Fox has officially released set images featuring Michael B. Jordan, Simon Kinberg (screenwriter/producer) and director Josh Trank.

The Collider spoke with Trank and Kinberg who offered some details:

Fantastic Four looks to be about 2 hours to 2 hours and twenty minutes in length.

Regarding why the movie hasn’t been promoted just yet, Tranks defends the reasoning as he would rather have everyone see the finished product: “I’d rather show people what it looks like when it’s done.”

Trank compares FF to a David Cronberg movie and offers it’s more of a hard science-fiction reboot than a straight superhero movie.

Regarding a black Johnny Storm and a white Sue Storm, Trank offers: “I have mixed family in my own family and it’s something that isn’t out of the ordinary anymore but we don’t really see it portrayed in the casual reality of the movies.  That’s something I felt that would be interesting and challenging, to have mixed siblings.”

Kinberg says the Ultimate comics were the biggest influence from Marvel:  “Yeah, I think The Ultimates is probably our biggest influence because it’s the younger Fantastic Four.  And a lot of the science specifics are there.  And a lot of the means of transformation we took from those books. As you’ll see a little bit in the trailer and a lot in the movie, there are influences really from the beginning of what Kirby and Stan were doing in the 60’s all the way up into the present day. This is an origin story in many regards and it is inspired by The Ultimate Fantastic Four as much as anything else.”

Tranks says the Negative Zone “could be there in the movie.”

Kinberg says there are lot of Easter Eggs in the movie and one in the trailer.

Simon Kinberg confirms there are talks about a potential Fantastic Four and X-Men shared movie universe, as leaked e-mails as a result of the Sony hack stated a planned Fantastic Four and X-Men movie is underway:  “The extra challenge is that the X-Men films so far don’t acknowledge the Fantastic Four and the Fantastic Four takes place essentially in the same time period as the X-Men movies, the modern day.  So they have challenges.  But there are certainly conversations.”

“Fantastic Four” has an August 7, 2015 release directed by Josh Trank starring Miles Teller as Reed Richards, Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm, Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm,  Kate Mara as Sue Storm and Toby Kebbell as Victor von Doom.



Fantastic Four trailer: