‘Fantastic Four’ Rumored To Be Set In ’60s

Another rumor fits with previous info we've been told about the FF in the MCU.

Another rumor fits with previous info we've been told about the FF in the MCU.

'Fantastic Four' Rumored To Be Set In '60s

Another rumor surrounds Marvel’s Fantastic Four movie offering the flick will be set in the 1960s.

The info comes from Daniel RPK via Twitter.

“Marvel Studios’ upcoming Fantastic Four will be set in the past 60s,” states the rumor. “They will be a team out of time. Neither Kang nor Doom is the villain. Kang will be in the movie but he’s there to connect the group to the two Avengers movies. It’s not strictly an origin story but we’ll see.”

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Fantastic Four Negative Zone Marvel Comics

The Fantastic Four rumor I have been told syncs up

The info is similar to what I have been told as recall back at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel insiders filled me in on the possible MCU origin of the Fantastic Four.

While the above info makes it sound as if the entire movie will be set in the ’60s, from what I was told, the Fantastic Four are originally from the past as they exist along with Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne.

I was told the Fantastic Four get trapped in the Negative Zone (or could be Quantum Realm), and when they come out, it is the present day and they haven’t aged.

Otherwise, if the entire flick is set within the ’60s, I’ve basically been told the entire plot of the film.

It’s also safe to assume the Fantastic Four being trapped for so long is also how they acquired their powers (possibly via “cosmic rays” as in the comics).

Feige has also said they aren’t doing an origin story for Fantastic Four, so again, I’m doubting a majority of the Fantastic Four movie will be set in the past.

It could be possible the 60s scene is a quick scene showing them in the past and disappearing and then they remerge in the here and now.

It could also very well be possible the scene takes place in Ant-Man 3 or even in the post-credit scene and directly leads to the Fantastic Four movie.

Worth a mention is that the Fantastic Four origin of being a team out of time is similar to Captain America’s own origin as well as what happened with Scott Lang when he time-traveled at the end of Ant-Man 2 to Avengers: Endgame but the five-year blip didn’t happen for Lang.

The origin I was told also explains why the Fantastic Four haven’t been around.

Doctor Doom

Fantastic Four villain rumors

Regarding the villain, a previous rumor says Doctor Doom isn’t the villain, with speculation offering the Fantastic Four villain will be Molecule Man to fit with Kevin Feige’s Multiverse Saga as Molecule Man has the power to warp reality itself on a multiversal scale.

So Daniel RPK’s rumor actually sounds like it’s just a rehash of the same rumors that are already out there.

MCU fans might also want to look for a Fantastic Four connection to Nova, which is in development, as back in 2019 saw Marvel Comics release the Annihilation: Scourge event featuring the Fantastic Four, Nova, and Annihilus. While not any good (especially compared to the 2005-6 stuff), it could be possible it was a pitch by the movie people to see what the possibility could look like via the comics.

The film gets released on February 14, 2025, directed by WandaVision‘s Matt Shakman.

No casting has been announced as of yet.

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