Fantastic Four Has A Cast: Announcement Soon Confirms Director

Matt Shakman offers a big update on the highly anticipated MCU film.

Matt Shakman offers a big update on the highly anticipated MCU film.

Fantastic Four Has A Cast: Announcement Soon Confirms Director

Director Matt Shakman confirms his Fantastic Four movie at Marvel has a cast and that an announcement will be coming soon once the actors strike is over.

The director also confirms the flick will start filming next year in London, with Marvel aiming for a springtime start.

“Probably the spring. [It will shoot in] London. Pinewood,” he told Collider.

Regarding the Fantastic Four casting, Collider writes:

 On the casting front, Shakman noted that with the SAG strike ongoing, it was impossible to announce anything or put a timescale on it. However, he did add that he was very excited to share the news with fans and that there would be a plan in place to announce the casting as soon as the strike came to a successful conclusion for the actors.

Shakman also adds, “The script is awesome, the characters are brilliant. I’m super excited.”

The director also gives an update offering the Fantastic Four movie is “certainly unlike anything at Marvel you’ve seen before”:

“It’s different in so many ways. I wish I could be specific. I wish I could say more. But we are doing things very differently from a story standpoint, from an approach to the filmmaking standpoint, that really fits the material. I wish I could say more. I would love to, but I can’t. But I think it’s going to be unlike anything you’ve seen before, and certainly unlike anything at Marvel that you’ve seen before.”

The writers strike recently ended so it is expected the actors strike will also end soon enough.

John Krasinski Fantastic Four

Lots of Fantastic Four rumors

Rumors have offered all kinds of names for the roles of Mr. Fantastic Reed Richards, Invisible Woman Sue Storm, The Human Torch Johnny Storm, and The Thing Ben Grimm.

The mentioned names include Adam Driver and Matt Smith for Reed Richards, with fans hoping John Krasinski reprises from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, albeit a Variant.

margot robbie fantastic four fan art 1
Margot Robbie fan art

For Sue Storm, said to be the star of the movie, Margot Robbie and Emma Stone have surfaced, and recently it has been said Vanessa Kirby has landed the role.

The most recent rumor said to play the Human Torch includes Joseph Quinn who actually played Eddie from Stranger Things. Another name includes Paul Mescal.

fantastic four fan art
Fan art

For The Thing, it has been said Daveed Diggs is up to play Ben Grimm, as well as Ebon Moss-Bachrach.

Rumors also offer Doctor Doom will have a small role in Fantastic Four, with a name said to include Ryan Gosling.

vanessa kirby fantastic four fan art
Vanessa Kirby Sue Storm fan art

Galactus is also rumored, played by Antonino Banderas, and that Ebon Moss-Bachrach might be Silver Surfer instead of The Thing.

The villain of Fantastic Four? Fitting with Feige’s Multiverse Saga, it could be Molecule Man who has the power to warp reality itself on a multiversal scale.

At the same time, multiple rumors have offered there have been problems with the film, as it is known Fantastic Four is on its second director and at least its second writer.

Fantastic Four has a May 2, 2025 release date.

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