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Fans Hate Anti-Batman, Anti-Male ‘Batwoman’ CW Series Starring Ruby Rose

Fans Hate Anti-Batman, Anti-Male ‘Batwoman’ CW Series Starring Ruby Rose

More bad news for The CW, as following Supergirl, fans are not happy with what they are seeing regarding the new Batwoman series.

The latest promos for the show happen to be getting slaughtered by fans on YouTube, as the dislikes outweigh the likes by many of thousands of votes.

While the first Batwoman teaser actually has a lot of likes compared to dislikes, only when actual footage from the series is revealed, do the dislikes really start to add up.

Checking the stats:

  • The first Batwoman Official Teaser has 7.3k likes to 3.6 dislikes; the teaser shows a cool look at Ruby Rose as Batwoman with music playing and the logo revealed.
  • However, things really go sour when the first full Batwoman trailer is released, which has a whopping 393k dislikes to 79k likes.
  • The trend continues with the release of the recent Batwoman “Times Are Changing” teaser, which has 16k dislikes to 1.5k likes.

The problem doesn’t appear to be with the actress playing the character, Ruby Rose, known for playing the bad a– assassin in John Wick 2, but more about the message the show is sending, which, for some reason, is anti-male and even anti-Batman.

CW Batwoman Ruby Rose

Batwoman first look goes sour

The “First Look” trailer actually started off pretty sweet with word that Batman isn’t around and that the citizens think he isn’t there to help anymore, which is why his cousin, Batwoman, steps in; however, things go sour at the 2:06 mark when Ruby Rose remarks the Batsuit will be perfection “when it fits a woman.” We then get some more cool action, with Batwoman’s dad telling her, “You’re a female Bruce Wayne.” The trailer then offers, “The hero we need is here,” and similar to Brie Larson and Captain Marvel promotion, drops the “o” and says “is her.” It gets even worse when a little girl says, “Look! It’s Batman,” with Ruby Rose stating, “They think I’m him. I’m not about to let a man take credit for a woman’s work.”

The top comment on the trailer offers: “Does CW stand for Cringe-worthy?”

Another fan comments: “*sees batwoman trailer* *rewatches dark knight trilogy to wipe awful trailer from memory*”

With another: “‘Batman gave up on us.’ I don’t blame him.”

Another: “Batman: Makes his suit to scare off criminals and hide his identity Batwoman: Steals Batman’s suit and makes it look like it belongs into a bad p-rn movie.”

Batwoman: Times are changing. Are they?

The “Times are changing” teaser shows Batwoman walking past a white male police officer or security card who states, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. It only encourages them.” Batwoman nods her head and goes back to the homeless person on the street and gives her a Rolex.”

“Is she going to give an expensive watch away every time a reasonable man speaks,” the top comment states.

Another fan also commented on the disregard for how the homeless person is perceived in the trailer:

You can tell the people at the CW never ACTUALLY work with homeless people…because I have, for over a decade… First, they are never this well dressed and coifed, second, if you just flat out give them money…or hundreds, if not thousands in goods (i.e. the watch), you have about signed their death warrant…because most of the time that money will go straight to drugs or alcohol…OR they’re going to get assaulted/mugged…perhaps even murdered… Instead, you do what I do and meet them at a restaurant, buy them a meal and talk to them, offer to take them to the doctor, to a shelter or county job services. I have bought people supplies like a toothbrush and toothpaste (by their request). But don’t just hand them cash.

A fan also jokes, “Batwomen: Gives watch to rich- I mean Homeless person Batman stopping an armed thug a night later: Nice watch-Wait a minute what the hell?!”

It will be interesting to see how the ratings surrounding Batwoman will do. I’m guessing the first episode or two will do alright, as it will bring in the curious and Batman crowd, but similar to Supergirl, it will be all downhill from there. The series is another example of an SJW agenda from Berlanti and The CW that just has “broke” written all over it. #RIPBatwoman